Contract, at a glance

  • Minimum hosting contract period is 12 Months
  • All mining operations are metered and by the end of every month meter readings will be provided
  • Invoice to cover maintenance costs will be generated every month which can be paid via Credit/debit cards through PayPal. Direct Debit through GoCardless or Crypto Currencies through CoinGate
  • 1st payment will include Contract Cost +1st month’s estimated maintenance After 1st month’s metering any outstanding balance will be adjusted in the following month’s invoice
  • Every quarter there will be a downtime of 2 days for regular maintenance and customers won’t be charged for that period
  • Every quarter there vvill be a downtime of 2 days for regular maintenance and customers vvon’t be charged for that period
  • Any discrepancy in power or operation causing mining time loss will be covered by HOSTMINE Ltd
  • Regular updates and 24, security will be provided for the full duration of the contract
  • HOSTMINE will provide suggestions for mining pool and wallets but its up to customers and they can choose their own pool and wallets as well
  • After the end of contract. servers can be arranged to be shipped to customer’s Location or ‘buyback if available can be provided
  • All servers comes with initial 18° day vvarranty but can be extended up to 3 years via HOSTMINE Warranty
  • HOSTMINE Ltd. is registered in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and is subjected to its jurisdiction in case of any disputes

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Server Warranty

  • Server warranty details in here