Mine the widest choice of crypto-assets
Minimise maintenance costs
Maximise profitable mining

0xMiners delivering maximum all-round benefits

HOSTMINE offers custom-designed GPU based 0xMiner servers that deliver optimum operability and consistently high-return mining. Designed and assembled in-house, our 0xMiners are also tuned to minimise maintenance costs per hash ratio (£/H). They mine the most profitable coin at the time of operation and can settle your mined earnings in any crypto currency of choice or fiat currencies : EUR or USD. 0xMiners are the most profitable and highly user friendly mining option there currently is on the market.

In addition, 0xMiners incorporate highly effective air-flow cooling, and consume less electricity compared to ASIC servers and other less efficiently designed GPU mining rigs on the market.

Simple, yet efficient, 0xMiners ideally combine low maintenance with highly profitable crypto-mining operations!

0xMiners are available for both Nvidia and AMD cards.