Altcoin Mining Contract Goldshell KD Lite

From £5,449.00

Altcoin Mining Contract Goldshell KD Lite

Kadena Algorithm Mining Server
16.2 TH/s | 1330W | 0.08 W/GH

1 × Goldshell KD Lite (for hosting)
1 × Hosting Package for Servers 1001W-1500W


Altcoin Mining Contract Goldshell KD Lite

Powerful and outstanding, unmatched
16.2 TH/s | 1330W| 0.08W/GH

Hashrate up to 16.2TH/S
Power consumption ratio 0.08W/GH
More stable and more secure

Self-developed high-performance computing chip
Higher performance and lower power consumption

Goldshel self-developed high-performance computing
chip gives KD Lite powerful data. Processing ability,
always maintain excellent and stable working condition,
Improve computing efficiency.

High hashrate
Low power consumption

Help users get higher profits
16.2 Th/s super hashrate
0.08W/GH super low power consumption ratio,
Not only can it effectively save electricity bills,
but it can also help users obtain higher returns.

Integrated body design
Save space

Adopting Goldshell consistent integrated body design,
the whole machine is highly integrated
Safer and more convenient, but also the overall volume
Reduce it as much as possible to save space.

Intuitive and visual operating data

Clear equipment status
Clear background management interface,
accurate display of real-time hashrate of mining machine,
Information such as average hashrate and computing power
fluctuations makes it easy to view the operating status
of the device at any time.

Product Parameters

Hashrate: 16.2 TH/s +/-5%
Wall power: 1330W +/-5%
Noise: <80dB
Connection: Ethernet
Dimension: 264 x 200 X 290mm
Operating Temp: 0-35°C
Weight: 8.5KG