ETHEREUM Mining Contract Jasminer X4-1U Miner 520 MH/s

From £9,599.00

Jasminer X4-1U Miner

EtHash algorithm mining server

  • You are saved the effort of hosting and maintaining your servers. We do that at our advanced dedicated mining facility
  • You retain full control of your servers from wherever you’re located with our mining dashboard
  • You can configure your pool, wallet address, mine specific coins, monitor run charts and payouts
  • 520 MH/s on ethereum mining by default
  • No loud or irritating equipment noise at home
  • 99% uptime for maximum earning potential
  • 24-7 on-site security for maximum peace of mind
  • Regular mining performance updates via your mining dashboard
  • Flexible contract periods to suit your budgets – up to 12 months
  • Simple, regular service fees cover rental. internet. maintenance and electricity – no hidden costs
  • Lowest maintenance costs in the UK
  • Priority support
  • If a server breaks down under warranty, you’ll get a quick on-the-spot replacement – meaning minimal loss of mining time
  • Insurance available from partner companies
  • Flexible ways to pay with finance options also available at checkout
  • Free shipping of servers to requested address after end of contract
1 × Hosting Packages for ASIC Under 2500W (Initial Mining)


Jasminer X4-1U Miner 520 MH/s

High Throughput ethereum mining server

The Jasminer X4 High-throughput 1U server adopts a standard 1U server architecture, with a computing power of 520MH/s and a power consumption of 240W. It supports the EtHash algorithm, which can support the computing power of the ETH and ETC blockchain network

Hashrate: 520MH/s

Power Consumption: 240W

Dimensions: (L)482.2mm * (W)450mm * (H)44.5mm

Net Weight:8.6Kg

Internet connection: Ethernet


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