Goldshell HS5

Handshake & Siacoin
Performance upgrade

HNS: 2700GH/s | 2650 W 0.98W/G
SC : 5400GH/s | 1500 W 3.60W/G

Stronger 2700GH/s
Low consumption 0.98W/G
Switch HNS/SC

Better performance
with more outstanding mining experience

Goldshell HS5 have 2700GH/S hashrate and a wall power consumption
of 2650W. Compared with HS3, the hashrate is increased by 35%,
and the energy consumption per unit of hashrate is reduced by 2%.
Can change to mine SC, the lower power consumption and multiple options.

Integrated design
save space

The integrated design of the previous generation of products is saved,
safer and more convenient. At the same time, the size of the whole
machine is reduced as much as possible to save space.

Intuitive data
visible status

Background management interface terse accurately displays the real-time
hashrate, average hashrate, and hashrate fluctuations of the miner, making it easy to view the equipment operating status at any time.

Hashrate HNS:2700GH/s +/-5%
Wall power consumption
HNS:2650W +/-5%
SC: 5400GH/s +/-5%
SC :1500W +/-5%

Indoor noise: <= 80dB
Network connection mode: Ethernet
Size: 264 x 200 X 290mm
Operating environment: 0-35°C
Weight: 8.5KG