Goldshell KD-BOX Kadena miner

Hash power in a BOX
1.60TH/SE5% | 205W+5%

Products for everyone Simple operation brings high-quality experience

In order to explore a product form that is more suitable for the crypto world, Goldshell pursues product quality & user experience. BOX effectively balances performance and energy consumption. Easy to mine anytime, anywhere

No additional equipment required Suitable for home, office, and various use environments

Goldshell development and customised connection method has been upgraded. Only by connecting to the Ethernet No need for additional equipment, bringing a purer user experience,

Exquisite body design

Easier to install and save space. Well-designed internal structure minimalist product appearance. Not only compact and durable but also mechanically beautiful

Simple management software

Comprehensively enhance the mining experience. BOX models are equipped with newly upgraded background management software, easy complete the settings Accurately display miner real-time information convenient to check the running status of the miner at any time