Goldshell KD6
Kadena Super Computing Server

Powerful and outstanding
26.3 TH/s +/-5% | 2630W +/-5% | 0.1W/G

Hashrate up to 26.3TH/s
Power consumption ratio 0.1W/G
New cooling technology
Stable operation
Operating more efficiency
Computing performance upgraded

New generation of self-developed high-performance computing chip
Higher performance and lower power consumption.

KD6 carries Goldshell self-developed high-performance computing chip
Reducing unit power consumption and increase hashrate to 26.3Th/s at the same time.
Excellent and stable computing ability.
The most powerful KDA miner yet in the mining industry.

Operating efficiency increase 20%
Saving electricity, Getting higher profits

Compare to KD5, Goldshell KD6 reduce the power consumption to 0.1W/G,
Power efficiency improve 20%
Energy saving& Efficient operating.

New design of heat dissipation structure

Enhance internal cooling structure, extend the life cycle
KD6 consistent integrated body design, the whole machine is highly integrated
Safer and more convenient, save placing space.
At the same time, deep customization and optimization of the cooling structure.
Improving cooling function, prolong whole life cycle.

Intuitive and visual operating data

Clear background management interface,
Accurate display Of real-time hashrate Of mining machine.
Information such as average hashrate and computing power
fluctuations makes it easy to view the operating status Of the
device at any time.

Product Parameters

Hash rate: 26.3 TH/s
Noise: <=80dB
Dimension: 264x200x290 mm
Weight: 8.5kG
Wall power: 2630W
Connection: Ethernet
Operating Temp: 0-35C