Goldshell Mini-DOGE Dogecoin miner

Everyone can have a DOGE
235W+5% | 1.26W/M

This shell case is a specially designed version, which appears randomly when you purchase. Small and simple Suitable for any environment. Scrypt algorithm supports Dogecoin


Get LTC and DOGE at the same time. Through the auxiliary workload verification mechanism (AuxPow) miners can mine LTC and DOGE at the same time after setting up
Note: The income ratio of DOGE and LTC is determined by each pool

No need for additional equipment

Through special R&D and customization, Mini-DOGE will replace the original USB Type-A just connect to Ethernet, can maintain high-speed internet connection, bring you a more convenient experience. Minimalist design style Easier placement, saving placement space
Well-designed internal structure and product appearance MINI-DOGE is not only exquisite, but also more comfortable to use

Simple management software

Comprehensively improve the mining experience. Goldshell newly upgraded background management software can accurately display various miner data,
Easily set up, convenient to check the running status of the equipment.