GPU Mining Contract 0xMiner 170HX Mini 680 MH/s

From £16,149.00

Multi Crypto mining GPU server
4 x Nvidia CMP 170 HX

Convenient billing options to suit your hosting needs

Monthly:          £150 per month per server

Quarterly:       £145 per month per server

Half-Yearly:    £140 per month per server

Yearly:             £135 per month per server

20% VAT on hosting prices for UK customers only. No taxes on server’s price

1 × 0xMiner 170HX Mini 680 MH/s (for Hosting)
1 × Hosting Package for Servers 1001W-1500W



0xMiner 170HX Mini 680 MH/s

Multi-Crypto algorithm server mining the most profitable coin at the time of operation

  • You are saved the effort of hosting and maintaining your servers, we do that at our advanced dedicated mining facility in India
  • No taxes charged on servers’ price
  • You retain full control of your servers from wherever you’re located with our mining dashboard
  • You can configure your pool, wallet address, mine specific coins, monitor run charts and payouts
  • Mines the most profitable coin at the time of operation, 680 MH/s on ethereum mining by default
  • No loud or irritating equipment noise at home
  • 99% uptime for maximum earning potential
  • 24-7 on-site security for maximum peace of mind
  • Regular mining performance updates via your mining dashboard
  • Hosting fees cover rental. internet. maintenance, basic insurance and electricity – no other hidden costs
  • Lowest maintenance costs in the UK
  • Priority support
  • If a server breaks down under warranty, you’ll get a quick on-the-spot replacement – meaning minimal loss of mining time
  • Optional extensive insurance cover available from partner companies
  • Flexible ways to pay with finance options also available at checkout

All hosting contracts are for a period of 12 months