Cheaper electricity, greater flexibility – more profitability!

If you’re serious about reaping major rewards from crypto-currency, you’ll know that the crypto-mining process is a key functional and economic factor within your overall operations. For best results, crypto-mining functionality needs to be adaptable to changing needs – plus it requires the cheapest available electricity to minimise overheads and maximise profit potential.

Unlike specialised mining warehouses (which are fixed and permanent), Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) can be rapidly up-scaled or down-scaled on demand – plus, crucially, they can be shipped easily and quickly to any global geographical location where electricity is cheapest. At HOSTMINE, our MMUs are in the form of containers – just like you’d see on a cargo ship. Our MMU’s or “Mining Farm Containers” comes with a whole range of highly attractive benefits.

Major benefits for maximum mining profitability

• Our containers ensure easy and quick set-up of large-scale facilities for deploying your mining equipment.

• Each container can be individually built and customised for optimum server operating conditions. High-performance cooling is delivered via super-efficient water-wall technology – for maximum heat extraction and minimum maintenance far in advance of conventional cooling technologies.

• Containers can accommodate 210 Bitmain Antminer S19 ASIC servers, with power management capacity up to 750 kW plus simple, low-maintenance Plug & Play technology. Smart meter on every socket tracks individual server performance.

• For continuous high-profit mining, each container features a CISCO/Netgear/TP-Link server management system with customised in-built crypto-mining management software. This configures and controls servers manually or automatically according to market and pool network conditions.

• Built-in CCTV surveillance systems and smart technology padlocks ensure high-level container security.

Comprehensive warranty & technical support

Each container and system comes with a 12-month HOSTMINE warranty, plus FREE lifetime technical support, as well as options to increase warranty validity. Additional HOSTMINE technical enhancements can be added to increase performance during product life-cycle.

Prices are for Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Container and for the installed equipment they contain. These prices do not include server costs.