nVidia CMP 170HX


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nVidia CMP 170HX dedicated crypto mining processor card

Available on back-order

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Warranty: 12 Months

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Nvidia CMP 170HX Crypto mining GPU

Mining at 164 MH/s at 250W power consumption

NVIDIA CMP products are optimized for the best mining performance and efficiency. For instance, CMP lacks display outputs, which improves airflow while mining so they can be more densely packed. CMPs also have a lower peak core voltage and frequency, which improves mining power efficiency.

Nvidia CMP 170HX Mining Card stock performance at set power settings mining 164MH/s ETH at 250W Power Consumption


Performance (Default Settings)

164MH/s +/- 5% ETH

1820 Sol/s +/- 5% ZEC

2280 H/s +/- 5% XMR

250W Power Consumption +/- 10%


Technical Specifications:


Core Clock Boost 1260 MHz /

CUDA® Cores 1920

Processor Technology 7 nm

Memory Clock 1460 MHz

Memory Size 8 GB

Memory Type HBMe2

Memory Bus 256 bit

Card Bus PCI-E 4.0×1


Power Connectors 2x8pin ATX (12V)

TDP 250W

No DVI or HDMI Display

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 28 × 4 × 13 cm
Hash Rate

164 MH/s

Power Consumption

250 W


250 W

Power Cable Requirement

8-Pin + 8-Pin PCI-E


280 mm * 40 mm * 130 mm

Product Weight (Without Package)

1.7 kg

Memory Size

8 GB


CUDA, DirectX 12 Ultimate, OpenGL 4.6, Vulkan, OpenCL 3.0, Shader Model 6.6

Compatible Slot

PCI Express 1.0 x16, PCI Express 4.0 x16

Chipset/GPU Model


Cooling Component Included

Fan with Heatsink

Memory Type



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